Grass-Fed Beef, Grown on Certified Organic Pastures

Enjoy some of our grass-fed beef. It's good for you and the planet

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Healthy Beef, Healthy You

Less fat than conventional beef
Low in LDL cholesterol (aka bad cholesterol) and low in saturated fat
High in omega-3 fatty acids (two to four times more omega-3s than conventional beef)
High in CLA conjugated linoleic acid
High in vitamin A & E
Grass-fed beef can lower your risk of diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes & cancer

Health Benefits How to Cook Grass-Fed Beef Grass Fed Beef

Our Cows Consume

Grasses & legumes from our certified organic pastures
Hay & balage in winter
Minerals, salt and sea kelp, by choice as they need it
Well & spring water
Lots of sunshine & fresh air

Our Cows Never Consume

Growth Hormones

Grass fed Beef

Our Cultural Practices

During the growing season our cows are moved to new, lush sections of pasture every day. This is called MIG or managed intensive grazing. Rotation of the animals through small sections of the pasture builds organic matter and increases the health of the grasses

Chicken Tractors

Devon Genetics

Steve with the chicken tractors

Our herd contains pure Devon, and Devon crossed with Hereford, Angus, Clarolais and Black Baldy. Cows are herbivores and were not meant to eat grain, as they are forced to do in industrial feedlot systems. Devon have the ability to convert grass to meat efficiently and marble without consuming grain. Foraging for grass, legumes and herbs is the natural way for cattle to eat. Devon cattle have been at the heart of American agriculture, since Pilgrim times. They have remained true to the breed and have provided flavorful and tender beef from a grass diet for centuries.